Friday, October 31, 2008

halloween and triple birthday thursday

here are me and some friends seeming to have a good time.

late one night at the office while waiting for a render-hell, terence and i discovered how the mirror effect in phonebooth can really bring out the cunningham that lurks within us

this last one looks nearly like me, just in a disturbing way

i almost forgot this last one. its amazing. terence with the bulge effect.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

literally decades (well, two) of hoarding ceramic animals have led up to this point.

(ah and look how tiny my little guy looks...)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my friends are cuter than your friends.

hey look, i'm the shiny purple thing in that magazine!

learning to love you more

need something to bring meaning to your life?
why not try one of these assignments:

#1 make a child's outfit in an adult size

#10 make a flier of your day

#39 take a picture of your parents kissing

#49 draw a picture of your friend's head

(looks like one of my friends too)

so go on, go here and contribute.
daniel everett

about this project:

'Contained within the operating system of Mac computers is a rudimentary electronic psychotherapist program. Meant to simulate a Rogerian therapist, it engages the participant in a cyclical conversation by taking his or her statements and roughly reconfiguring them into questions. I met with this program three times a week for a month in order to discuss my fear that I was disappearing completely. These are three stills from our conversations.'

i just had to find this psychotherapist myself, and after a little searching, i did find the way to summon him. after a long conversation with my new therapist, i must say i feel stacks better, and i wanted to share. everyone i introduced to it found it rather annoying and boring but i say they just don't have the patience in them to chase their own tails endlessly. but if you have that ability, and the desire to have someone on your very desk who never stops listening, here's how you do it.

1. open your terminal
2. type 'emacs' and press return
3. hold down the 'escape' key and the 'x' key at the same time
4. type 'doctor' and press return