Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pacey. sigh.

'not only standing in the rain so that she might be dry, but looking delighted to do it.'
- said best by the ladies at go fug yourself.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

film review in 25 words or less #4: twilight new moon.

why did i even watch this!?!
i'm not 13 anymore!
all that teen angst just makes me feel like... like, SCREAMING or something !!!
not cool.

oops. did i just give away the ending? bummer.

film review in 25 words or less #3: the stepfather.

Just imagine the cute and sheepish, but wait for it - evil, dr. McNamara face off with that smartass Dan Humphrey, and you've seen it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

film review in 25 words or less #2: elizabethtown.

Worst bits:
Orlando Bloom.
The most tedious phone conversation ever filmed.
In fact, all the dialogue hurts a little.

Best bits:
When no one’s talking.

michelle w. and spike j. eeeeee!

(that was a squeal of glee by the way.)

but, is it on or is it off already? or on and then off but then back on again?
i dont know. i dont think anyone knows. maybe they dont even know anymore.
celebrities, tut tut.
but me for one, i hope it is so, because i love them both like dear friends i've never met.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

film review in 25 words or less #1: s. darko.

watch in fast forward
or lose 90 minutes forever.
'best' bits:
scenery porn and,
for the ladies,
chuck bass as james dean.

ps. watching films for work is not always fun.

beard lady.

the other day i got to be george harrison for a photoshoot which made me very happy. i had a moustache and everything. i was pretty handsome i must tell you.

anyway, these paintings are by inside a black apple.

hey, its totally johan and gabby! except for the beard.