Monday, May 4, 2009

half asleep.

so, i've never been to lusitoland, but on saturday we spent the afternoon there. apologies for the rubbish cellphone photo's, but my camera let me down at the eleventh hour. literally,because we arrived at 11am and then my camera said no.

here is my experience of l-land.

1. first thing, i noticed it seems that in case of an emergency, one is advised to jump into a rubbish bin. or maybe its a portal to a safer place, i don't know.

2. the fleamarket was interesting. there was an abundance of 'paintings'. this one was the pearler of the lot. one can really get absorbed into how creative the 'artist' was with concepts like perspective, human form and even having a head.

and for R300, it can be yours.

this is another beauty. an epic sheep-scape standing some 2m tall. picture this baby in your faux tuscan palace.

3. remember dear little pippi longstocking?

first lets all sing along.

and then buy the t-shirt.

4. this is a skeleton motorbike helmet. its legendary, no? made ross look at the same time badass and anorexic.

5. while enjoying our 2nd to 3rd caipirinhas the mc announced that elvis would be performing soon. he took pains to assure us that it was the elvis, straight from memphis. he was obviously a dirty liar. anyone under 5 caipirinha's could see that this guy is only a fairly crusty impersonator.

7. the fairground equipment was pretty old. so there was definitely an element of danger and the risk of loss of limb. personally, i don't look too kindly on being violently shaken about at great heights. the ferris wheel is more my speed.

8. oh and this is a picture of ross.

9. on the street, busking, was this chap. i think he's a bit of a genius. he built this amazing music contraption thingie with all movable foot operated parts. we gave him money, and he played us a song.

there were two little figures banging the drums and tambourine and dancing.

and then there was this screen that scrolled around, and had several different hand drawn scenes on. this one advertises 2010 and cautions againts aids.

and then, if you look way close, you see this little figure brushing his teeth. pretty impressive, hey?


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