Wednesday, August 19, 2009

clockwise from left : david sykes photography; dear creatures; fox and fawn;fffound (i think)

the start of great lists to come.

i'm tired of writing. thus, lists to follow. weird cravings i have today:

1. meat inspired decor. i want a steak pillowcase pretty badly now that i've seen it. even if it gives me bad dreams, which i think it might.
2. dear creatures' everything. please.
3. a coke.
4. french toast. i dont have to explain everything do i?
5. a pet rabbit. yes i say this often. for a reason.

another list. things i'm sorry for today:

1. forgetting my sister's birthday.
2. not having a coke.

okay bye, x

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deer hunter said...

i had that book.. the one with that bunny in it, it's a richard scarry calles 'bunnies' it's probably the cutest book i've ever seen.. then someone came and bought it. oh no.